Hindi Stories Hindi Kahani With Moral

Hindi Stories Hindi Kahani
Hindi Stories Hindi Kahani

1. Cock's stutter

It is a matter of time, A lot of chickens lived in a village. The child of the village had taunted one of the hens. Cock got upset, He thought I would not sound the next day in the morning. 

Everyone will sleep, then my importance will be understood by everyone, And will not tease me.

Everyone got up on time and got into their work, but the chicken understood that no work would stop without anyone. Everyone's work goes on.

Moral education - should not boast, your important people know without telling.


2. Importance of friend

Veda goes to her grandmother's house on summer vacation. Veda enjoys it there because Nani has a mango garden. 

There Veda eats and plays with a lot of mangoes. He also has five friends, but Bed does not feed him mangoes

One day, Veda got hurt playing. 

Veda friends picked up Veda drove her home and told her mother about her injury, Veda was massaged on it

Mummy thanked those friends and fed them a lot of mangoes. 

When Veda recovered, he understood the importance of a friend.

Moral education - friends are friends of happiness and sorrow. One should not hide anything


3. Friend of pearl

Moti studies in third grade. He used to carry two pieces of bread with him on his way to school. On the way, there was a small cow outside the temple. He used to feed both the bread to that cow

Moti never forgets to feed bread to the cow. Sometimes even when it is late for school, it is not fed without bread

Madame Scold was also employed as she lay in school

That cow was so sweet, it would have been very happy to see Moti

Moti also feeds him bread with his hands.

Both had become very good friends.

It was a matter of one day Moti was returning from the market with goods

Some boys caught him outside the temple.

Started snatching goods from pearls. The cow ran to save Moti, looking at him in distress

Seeing the cow coming towards you, all the boys became nine-two-eleven.

Moti embraced the cow, saying thanks for saving.

Moral -

Deep friendship is always happiness.

One should befriend selflessly. A friend is used in crisis


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