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Sridevi Matka Jodi
Sridevi Matka Jodi

Sridevi Chart Sridevi Day Chart

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What is Sridevi Chart (Sridevi Chart)?

According to experts, Sridevi Markit is named after the popular actress Sridevi of Bollywood. Whatever game happens in this market day the result is stored in a book

This is done in what is known as the Shshridevi chart. Its popularity is increasing day by day. Every month, about two to three lakh people are willing to know about it

Speculative Matka

power Matta Matka

Welfare Result

Milan de Result

Final points

Boss Matka

Golden Speculative Matka

Indian speculative Matka

Chennai Satta Matka

Date Fix Free Points

DP Boss

Fix 3 digits

Kalyan Fix 2 points

Kapil Satta Matka

Treasure Speculative Matka

Matka Open Today

Matka Bazaar

Prabhat Satta Matka

Capital Night Result

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Welfare Chart

Kalyan Night Chart

Milan de Chart

Milan Night Chart

Time market chart

Capital Chart

Bhootnath Day Chart

Bhootnath Night Chart

Sweet Day Chart

Main Mumbai Chart

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Welfare Panel Chart

Kalyan Night Panel Chart

▼ (speculative king chart ▼ .

Speculative King Chart

Desavar Chart

Faridabad Chart

Street chart

Ghaziabad Chart


DATE 09-02-2022






The full name of this app is Sridevi online Matka. This is called SIT Infotech by the category of entertainment at Develop and Google Play Store

Launched on 26 May 2021 To use this app, you are very important to register it

Once you have registered, you will have to log in to it, and to log in you will have to add your mobile number as soon as you have a

OTP will come after which you will log in. It has a thirteen version running in Vardaman, which its developer claims are simple and secure

 Fast and Easy, Fun and Entertaining is worth Easy to Understand and Practical. Talk about its special specification, in this, you will find Sridevi, Madhuri

Time market Milan Day and other market open points close points market is on, its status digit single digit pair digit

Panel Single Pana Double Pana Triple Pana Sangam Half Sangam and Full Sangam get information. You also get support from the YouTube channels along with WhatsApp chat.

Its full name is Sridevi Bazaar and it has been created by Sridevi Tech Namki Company or firm on Google's Play Store

Posted on 1 June 2021 in the field of entertainment. Its developer says if you Harrose Fast Matka Result

And if you want to enjoy the chart, then you should try our app

Check Live Power Matka Result He also gets customer support and time table for twenty-four hours and seven days, with a simple user interface.

Its customer ratio is one thousand and it is available for free. The size of this app is 6.5 MB and its use

You are very important to get registration done in which you have to set your first name last name email address mobile number and password

Its tile is placed Sridevi App Official Online Play App. It has been developed by Shri Devi This app is also known as Raj Shri

To use this app you must first sign up, in which you will get your mobile number your name

Father name surname the user name you like, and password. Its customers are more than Nav Thousand and this app has received a rating of 4 out of 5.

The size of this app is higher than that of other Sridevi Matka apps which is 12 MB. The background of this app design has black color and


It is written. The symbol of the star is also placed in its middle

Its full name is Ayush Matka Sridevi Matka DP Boss Kalyan Matka. It was created and controlled by Ayush Online Services

Has managed It was published on 24 June 2021 in the category of entertainment.

 This is a brand new app, so its customer beige is only close to a hundred people


The design of this app is similar to that of the Shredevi online Matka App. And in this also you get time pay results

Chart pair Chart panel gassing etc. is available. Its logo has A MATKA written and the back color is black. It has a rating of 4.6 and a size of 9 MB

The full name of this app is Matka Bazar Trick. You will get the current time and date Mr. Devi Day and Night Supreme Day and Night

Bhootnath Day and Night All Matka Bazaar Gessing Follow Issue All Markit Panel Set For All Markit

Matka Tips and Tricks, Ultimate Matka App Fast Result on Time Provided. Shakti Matka and Shakti King

This app is gaining considerable popularity. We have placed this app at the last number, so the other market is more informed than this Sridevi

More than one lakh people have installed and used this download and are also using it in the present

This app has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 indicating that its use is quite satisfied with the performance of this app

The app has been produced by an organization named Matka Bazar Trick and launched on 13 April 2021 in the market. Of this app

Its fourth version is employed in Vardaman and its updates keep coming at a time of three months.

When its new version came, its creator said that all its bugs


Fixed and given a new look and its performance is also improved

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