Mallika Sherawat is shooting
Mallika Sherawat is shooting

Mamaliyal Himaladi Hahdid ā Malay Im Mam Mam Mamamamna Khan-Manglan Dan-Mamhan Danhahh hah. Aa aa aa aa aa ol mal mal mn mnh hah hah hah. Mamaliyal Khan Bala. Mamal.

Mallika Sherawat is shooting for her new web series these days. In her new interview, Mallika has said that she wants to focus on her digital career.

In the time of Mallika Sherawat had made a name among the boldest celebs of Bollywood. He made a lot of money by giving intimate scenes in films like Khwaish and Murder.

Mallika said I felt as if no one was happy that a girl from a small town who made her career in Mumbai went to film festivals abroad.

But Mallika Sherawat was not broken by all of them. Rather she believes that she has become better than before. At the same time, she is doing that work in which she would get happiness.

Mallika Sherawat said I do not want to do loud roles. I want to play real characters. I am working in both Indian and International cinema.

Mallika Sherawat started her career with the film Jeena Sirf Mere Liye. After that, he was seen in many big and small films. Mallika was like herself before.

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