Pakistan First Digital Literacy Program: Ehsas Kafalat.

What is Ehsaas Kafaalat
What is Ehsaas Kafaalat

Realization of debt

Learn about the Blasted loan program

 Based loan for employment

 Poor sections of society, skilled youth, women, people with disabilities and eunuchs, people who benefit from Zakat and feeling

 Based loans are provided to help them get out of their clutches and become financially self-sufficient

Fifty percent of loans are allocated to women

Under the realization, 80,000 loans are being provided every month through 1110 loans in collaboration with PPAF's mischievous institutions. These include the Brotherhood

Information to get a loan

The Blasted loan program is being implemented in rural and urban areas with PPAF's mischievous institutions for which 1110 marks are open

All this information can be found on the PPAF website


How to apply to loan centers


 Loan application (written or oral)

 Confirmation of poverty rating

 Registration as a potential lender

 Issuance of application form and business plan form

Submission of complete documents by the applicant


Business planning preparation

Basic information about starting a business

 Reason for doing business

Production and sales targets

Marketing strategy

 Estimate costs for the proposed business

 Financial resources

 Profit estimate

Lender identification process

 Social assessment

 Economic assessment


Debt approval process

 Check towards the loan center

 Recommendations from the Debt Center

 Submission of recommendations at the headquarters of the companies

Debt issuance for the lender

 Application approval

 Order check on which the name of the lender and computerized national identity card number is written or issue the PIN number which is used to deliver electronically

Issuance of check at the loan center

If you are Pakistani, young, and unemployed, you can get a job by taking advantage of Prime Minister Imran Khan's program 'Successful Youth' to empower Pakistani youth

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Azam government has launched a program called 'Successful Young' to give Pakistani youth a chance to succeed in Rosgarwar practical life, which was launched by Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday evening. A few hours earlier the web of this program Site ( Also launched. The government has allocated Rs 10 billion for this program

According to the website, in view of Prime Minister Imran Khan's promise to provide 10 million jobs, the successful youth was announced to start Neuroship Scheme (YES) on Youth Inter. The basic concept of which is 'from skills to the business'

Senior government officials involved in the successful youth program said: "The highlight of these loans is that the applicant will not have to cut through various offices to obtain them, but will have to do so on a very simple form on the website. ۔ in which In addition to personal information, details of the proposed business or employment starting with the loan amount will have to be provided. ‘

Another highlight of the loans available under the successful youth program is that these loans can also be obtained by eunuchs

The first phase of the successful young man will continue until 2022 and is being supported by many foreign, foreign, and international organizations and friendly countries

How old can people take credit?

Young people between the ages of 15 and 29 will be able to borrow from the government under this scheme

According to the UN definition, a young person is called a person who is in a part of his age when he can cut off compulsory education and start the first job (business or job) of life

According to the Pakistan National Human Development Report, 64% of Pakistan's population is under 30 years of age, while 29% of Pakistanis are between 15 and 30 years of age. According to official standards, approx 6.5 million Pakistani soldiers meet the definition

Experts consider such a large number of young people an asset to any country that can play a key role in the social and economic development of that country

According to the government, in view of such a large number of young men, the successful youth program for the empowerment of the youth in Pakistan was tarnished

Three types of loans

1. According to the website of the successful youth program, three types of loans will be provided to the youth of the country

Rural youth will be given priority to get these loans

2. The second type of loan is called micro-loans. Which will be Rs. 1 to Rs. 5 lakh. 

Subsidies will be available on these loans provided for initial employment

3-. The third type of loan will have an amount of Rs. 

5 to Rs. 5 million available which will be provided for small and medium enterprises

Addressing the opening ceremony of the successful young man, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that a total of one million young people would be able to benefit from this scheme of loans. However, he clarified that the only and basic principle of providing loans would be merit

The future of a successful young man

Many other schemes will also be launched under the successful youth program in which the following are important

1. According to the Green Youth Movement: Program website, the Green Youth Movement is one of the major initiatives of successful youth. Under which small grants will be provided to young people to find innovative environmental solutions to deal with environmental and climate crises

2. National Internship Program: According to the website, the program aims to enable young people to get jobs or start a business, and for this purpose young people will be provided internship opportunities

3. Startup Pakistan Program: Under this program, new graduates or trainees will be trained and employment opportunities will be provided. The program will also include the Higher Education Commission (HEC)

In this regard, Prime Minister Imran Khan mentioned the establishment of the National Youth Development Foundation

4. Skilled Youth Program: Under this program, it will be possible to provide skills education to the youth. Prime Minister Imran Khan said that under this program, smart laborers will be set up in the dimensions of the country at the expense of Rs. 10 billion Which distillate learning to one lakh young people living in their areas (Distance education) Will provide different types of skills through

The Prime Minister added that 500 laboratories would also be set up in religious schools

Two thousand teachers will be provided international quality training to teach skills in these laboratories

How difficult is it for Pakistani youth and women to get a bank loan?

I heard a friend talk about how difficult it can be for a young man in Pakistan, especially a woman, to get a bank loan

"I approached various banks to get a loan," she said. No bank could clearly know what the bank's actual policy on providing loans would be, such as what the interest rate would be and the loan What will be the return installments and how many charges will be on them, etc

They claim that every bank only shows golden dreams and it is difficult for most educated youth to understand these complex details of the debt

According to him, when she went to get a private bank loan, she was given the signature of a scheme with many merits. He was told that
 You have to answer yes to every question in the confirmation call from the bank representative, otherwise, it will take time to get the loan and problems will arise

According to the lady, the exact details of the loan you actually know from the same confirmation call because the call is recorded to maintain quality standards and can be used later as acceptable evidence if needed Is

She says she learned from the call that the interest rate on the scheme under which I was being given the loan was actually double. She says she had to take out a loan because of her personal compulsions which included interest rates Was more

To find out how difficult it is to get a loan from a bank in Pakistan, the BBC has spoken to a few experts in the banking sector in this report

Information about business loans

A crossbar loan is an 'individual loan' with an acceptable personal guarantee. Loans can be used to grow micro-enterprises / small businesses (to meet the requirements of working capital or to purchase assets)

Eligibility criteria for loans

Domestic annual income is less than Rs. 1,200,000 / - (net of business expenses)
Between 20-60 years of age (first loan cycle) 63 years (for later loan cycle)
At least 2 years of business experience
Car Arrival Computerized National Identity Card

Not declared a donor by any financial institution
Accommodation or work experience for at least 2 years in the starting cities of the facility


Yes - mandatory (any salaried person/businessman)


3 months to 24 months

Payment options

Uniform monthly episodes

* Loan tickets


3 to 5 days
Debt insurance

Free loan insurance in case of death / permanent disability

Premature settlement

Is allowed

Corona protection

Unawareness of life uncertainty means that you not only endanger your health and the health of your loved ones but also take timely precautions to avoid the current Cove 19 epidemic of financial stress and anxiety.  Highlights the importance of adoption. 

To help you ensure the well-being of yourself and your family, TPL Life and Mobilink introduced "Corona Tehfz" to the Microfinance Bank in the form of Code 19 assessments کرا۔ Detailed features are features Description

Initial benefit on COVID-19 assessment Rs. 7,500 (Corridor per member)

Singing for 14 days (benefit per day) Rs. 1,500 (corridor per member)

Final ritual costs in case of death due to COVID-19 Rs. 50,000 (Corridor per member)

Premium Rs. 1,500 (per member)

Term 06 months


All Mobilink Microfinance Bank account holders can take advantage of this product for themselves and their dependents (if selected)

The age limit for the account holder is 18 to 69 years

The age range for spouses, mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters is 18 to 69 years

The age range of children is 6 months to 24 years

Note: * Coverage will start after a 14-day wait

Health belief

This is a complete health insurance plan designed specifically for all Mobilink microfinance bank account holders and their dependents (If selected)This specially designed project not only users and their dependents (TPL is covered with LIFE) Provides health insurance facilities but also provides the following:

Annual hospital admission limit: 200,000

To the current extent

Co-payment (in case of treatment in a non-panel hospital): 80%

Description of sub-limits

: Rs in the room or board general ward. 5000

Ambulance maximum Rs. 500. At the time of admission each time

Includes MRI, CT scan, endoscopy, angiography, thallium scan (only during hospitalization)

Dialysis is included (if the doctor prescribes), including kidney stones (only during hospitalization)

Cataract surgery, fractures are included if they do not have symptoms before taking the policy

Treatment is also included in case of an accident

 Includes online OPD (free medical advice, by talking to a doctor via phone, chat, and video)

Age range 64-18 years

We will have to wait 45 days to take a policy to treat pre-existing diseases, some treatments that are 
mentioned above are not included

Loss of income during hospitalization (if the patient stays in the hospital for a minimum of 2 days and stays for a maximum of 30 days) Rs. 500 per day

Rs. 25,000 for burial in case of death

Premium Rs. 1,000

Period 1 year

For qualified dependents

The age range of father, mother, brothers, sisters, and spouse is 64 to 18 years

The age range of children is 6 months to 24 years

Optional C-section coverage benefit for female account holders or spouses:

Description of features:

Maternity limit - Caesarean Rs. 50,000

Age range 44-18 years

Facilitate treatment after 60 days of taking policy in case of pre-existing conditions
 Coverage type: individual

Premium Rs. 2,000


Terms and conditions apply


It is an insurance plan linked to a flexible premium unified investment that gives the client access to professionally linked unit LinkedIn funds with the benefits of a life insurance core package
Product description:

Survival of the resource ensures that your family and loved ones are safe and cared for even in the event of your death

Eligibility criteria:

Age is between 18 and 70 years

Freelook period:

The plan offers a 14-day free look in which you can cancel your policy and get your premium by contacting Adam G

far off:

The minimum policy period is 10 years and the maximum policy period is 25 years or 85 years whichever comes first

Premium details

Minimum premium 8,000 /-

Premium format monthly / quarterly / semi-annual / annual

Premium allocation:

First-year 40%

Second-year 80%

Third-year 100%

Bonus Allocation:

10th year 30%

15th year 25%

20th year 30%

Rider (Ed Ons):

Riding a critical disease

Accidental death and disability rider

Spouse protection rider

Monthly Income Benefit Rider

Level Term Insurance Rider

Premium Rider (Death) Discount

Premium Rider Discount (Disability)

Other benefits:

Choice of insurance coverage

Protection Benefit e

Take advantage of maturity

Partial return

Ad hoc premium

Value of death claim

The cost of maturity

Surrender Value

Payment value


Investment safe

Multiply the investment

Amanat Fund

Note: * Terms and conditions apply

وسیل Life Plus

It is a flexible premium unified investment insurance plan that gives the client access to professionally linked unit LinkedIn funds with the benefits of a life-saving insurance cover package

Product description:

The policy value of this project will directly vary with the investment performance of the unit funds. To meet a client's changing needs, the project provides many flexible options such as modifying its investment and security level Topping, exchanging unit funds, etc

Eligibility criteria:

Age is between 18 and 60 years

Freelook period:

The project offers a 14-day free look in which you can cancel your policy and get your premium by contacting Adam G

far off:

The policy period is 5 years

Premium details

Minimum premium


Premium mode

Monthly / Quarterly / Semi-Annual / Annual

Premium allocation:

First-year 70%

Second-year 90%

Third-year 100%

Bonus Allocation:

Fifth-year 25%

Rider (Ed Ons):

Riding with severe illness

Accidental death and disability rider

Spouse protection rider

Monthly Income Benefit Rider

Level Term Insurance Rider

Premium Rider (Death) Discount

Premium Rider Discount (Disability)...

Other benefits:

Protection Benefit

Take advantage of maturity

Loan facility

Partial return

Ad hoc premium


Secure investment

Multiply the investment

Amanat Fund

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