Mantra Jaap

Mantra Jaap Vidhi

Mantra Jaap
Mantra Jaap

While worshiping God, we all not only do incense but also chant mantras.

 As we bow our heads before God while going to him, we should also keep some things in mind while chanting mantras. 

If we do not sit before God chanting mantras and chanting them legitimately it reduces the effect of mantras.

 In such a situation. If you want to chant, you can do it in the following way. Mantra like this:.

First of all, you have to keep a pure woolen posture on the ground. Then sit on the Padmasana or Sukhana... Do not bend the waist and keep the face straight. 

Wash the garland with pure water before use and of course, apply tilak. There must be a fixed number to chant. Chanting the garland, You should keep your face east. The goods are to be placed in the right hand.

Start moving your fingers with the knuckles of the thumb. Do not touch the garland with your nails, do not use plastic garland. Do not look around when you chant the garland and mantra.

Do not place the garland under the navel holding it and the garland should not go above the nose, 

Keep the garland 4 fingers away from the chest. While you are chanting keep your eyes in front of God.

 You can close one eye. The top part of the Rosie should not be crossed while chanting... If you reach Sumeru, come back immediately. 

Be careful not to fall down while chanting. After the chanting is over, place the garland on the pedestal or in the box. Following the mantra without resolution does not give any fruit to anyone

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Mantra Jaap Vidhi

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