ok guruji

Guruji is a diamond 

To earth to bless and make humanity aware. In Dugri village in Malerkotla district of Punjab, 7 July 1954

 The sunrise was accompanied by the announcement of the birth of Guruji. Guruji spent his early life around Dugri, while school went to college and from there

People say that they had a spark of spirituality since childhood

It did not take long for that spark to become a complete lamp; Guruji's blessing Ganga began to flow to reduce the grief of hundreds of thousands of people. Guruji Jalandhar, Chandigarh,

 Went to various places including Panchkula and New Delhi and started Satsang from here

Here people used to come from far and wide from India and other parts of the world to take their blessings. Tea and anchor offerings were given in Guruji's Satsang

 In which Guruji had special divine blessings and divine power. Devotees experienced the grace of Guruji in various forms,

Physical, legal, etc. were resolved. Some devotees also had divine visions of the gods. It is said that nothing was impossible for Guruji,

brief introduction

 Or belong to any religion-denomination. The ordinary man, and the greater man, used to come to him to seek blessings. Politicians,

 The lines of bureaucrats, armed service personnel, doctors, and many traders were engaged. Everyone needed them

And Guruji equally blessed everyone without any discrimination. The sitting in any corner of the world

He received as much benefit as those who sat near him and touched his feet.

The most important thing was the complete self-surrender of the devotee and unwavering faith in Guruji. Guruji was the giver,

 He never took nor expected anyone to take anything. Guruji, the "welfare", used to say that my blessings will always be with you.

And not always means that only in this public but he had to say that his blessings would remain with the devotee till the nirvana of the devotee...

Guruji never preached. Never set a ritual. Yet how did his message reach the devotee,

Only the devotee can tell this. 

The devotee reached a level where bliss, fulfillment, and peace were easily found together. There was a divine fragrance on the four sides of Guruji,

The values are mixed with roses. Even today, his fragrance makes his devotees feel like being guruji.


On 31 May 2007, Guruji took the Mahasamadhi. He never declared a successor. Because divinity has no successor.

Come closer to me through prayer and meditation. Guruji has a temple, known as "Bade Temple", located on the Bhatti mines in South Delhi.

His blessings are still raining equally on his devotees...


Hey name, your name is the biggest

Hey save the mother from tomorrow's claw

Jai Ma Asat Bhavani

Save mother from tomorrow's claw

Jai Ma Asat Bhavani

Ma, Jai Ma Asat Bhavani

Ma, Jai Ma Asat Bhavani

Hey name, your name is the biggest

Sherovali Undressed

Make my name worse

Hey name, your name is the biggest

Ho Sherovali Undressed

Make my name worse

Hey name, your name is the biggest

Sherovali Undressed

Make my name worse

Such a difficult moment is such a clock

You have seen a lot of trouble

Now this world is blocking the way

The path is stalled

My life is a struggle

Sherovali Undressed

Make my name worse

Hey name, your name is the biggest

Sherovali Undressed

Make my name wor


Scream the devotee with a lump

Wake up Jyot

Whose no one is in the world

You become his, you become his

Ho Sherovali Undressed

Make my name worse

Hey name, your name is the biggest

Sherovali Undressed

Make a mess, my mother who takes my lesser name, Rehe

You are the one to give

You can go and do it

Blush empty

Blush empty

I have such a boon

May your hair be weak, too strong

Weak too strong

There is a couple in the middle

Put it on Naiya Jai Jagdan

As Bhavani, Anbe Gori Maia

Ho oo anbe blonde maia


Whose sacrifice you will pay

You become parse

Trembling enemy rate

Ma when you came to Gusse

Ma you came to Gusse

Ma you came to Gusse


⁇  Doha. ⁇ 

Jai Giri Tanaye Dgyge Shambhu Priya Garibhani

Ganpati Janani Parvati Ambe! Power! Bhavani

 ⁇  Chalisa ⁇ 

Brahma distinction is not your power, five body you dry

Shashtamukkahi na Saktyash Tero, Sahasabdan Labor Karat Ghanro. 1..

Tero Par Na Parbat Mata, located defense le hit decorates

Aadhaar Prabal Sadrasih Arunareya, Very Communicable Nayan Kajang. 2.

Fine Lalat Villapit Kesher Kumkum Akshatsobhamnohar

Kanak Basan Kanchuki Sajaye, Kati Mekhla Divya Waved. 3 .

Adjath Madar Hara's beauty, Jahi Khai Sahajhi Mana greed

Balarjun Anant Chabhi Dhari, Adornari Kaunya Pyari. 4..

Nana Ratna Jagad Throne, Topper Rajit Hari Charuranan

Indradik family worship, Jag Mrig Nag Youn Rao Kujit. 5...

Mr. Parvati Chalisa Girkalsi, Niwasini Jai Jai, .

Kotikprabha Vikasini Jai Jai. 6.

Tribhuvan Gross, Kutumb Tihari, Anu-Anu Mahmatumhari Ujiyari

Kabichayi to Kant Halahal, Piyi Pai of Neelkanth. 7.

Dev Maganke Hituskinho, Analytaapu Tinhi Amidinho

So that, you wife, the image-maker, the Durst Vidarinimangalakarini. 8.

See the ultimate beauty Tiharo, Tribhuvan Chakra Banavan Haro

Fear Bhita So Mata Ganga, shame is Salil Taranga. 9 .

Saute stuff Shambhu Pahayi, Vishnupadabzachodi So Dhai

Tehikolkamal Badnamurzhayo, Lakhisatvashivash Chadew. 10.

Nityanandakiverdaini, Abhayaktakarit Umpayini.

Allipap Triyatpanikandni, Mahi Schwari, Himalayanandini. 11.

Kashi always made his mind brother Siddha Bikhar Tehi  AAPU.

Bhagwati daily begging Datri, Kripa Pramod Saneh Vidhatri. 12..

Repukhaya Karini Jai Jai Ambe, Covenant Siddha Curry Ablambe

Gauri Uma Shankari Kali, Annapurna Jag Per Pali. 13 ..

All life, Aishwarya saffron, husband Prana God

You did hard penance, Narada So when Shiksha Lini. 14..

Anna Na nir an air Sahara, strict Phobiautumhara

Khadya Bhau to the letter das, Uma name then you Payout. 15..

Tabniloki sage along with wan Digi does not lose.

Then Jai, Jai, Highareau, Saptarishi, Nij Geshasthareau. 16.

Sur Law Vishnu came near then, hear the words of war

Mange Uba, and, husband, Tinto, Chahattajga, Tribhuvan, Nidhi, Jins. 17 ..

You said you went, cleaning manor, you brought

Curry Marriage Shiva So He Bhama, Re Kahai Hai Bama. 18..

Read what you know, this chalisa, money, Jansukh Dihye tehi Isa. 19 ..

Koot Chandrika Sulabh Shir Jayati Such Khani

Parvati Niz devotee hit Rahiu Sad Vardan.

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